Friday, March 16, 2012

Mario Kart 7 Review

You would not believe how hard it was to finally get this working on Youtube. But without further ado, I present my first review (and Vegas Movie Studio video actually), I hope you enjoy it! Mario Kart is a pretty easy game to review, but it'll serve as good practise for me and show you guys what my reviews will be like. I had most of it finished for quite a while now, but got busy and distracted and didn't get it finished until now. Getting a capture card, so I won't just be restricted to handheld games, and I plan to get FRAPS too for PC games. Anyways, hope you guys enjoy the video, I've got a very interesting one in the works :) Remember- in China they never grow chilli!

1 comment:

  1. Some sections of the voice over got a bit drowned out by the music. Not actually sure why that is, I listened to it all before uploading :\ Considering how hard it was to get Youtube to actually uploadthis video with no problems, I think I'll just let it be for now.