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The Avengers Mini Review and Plot Details

EDIT: Saw the movie again today, added a few tiny details to the plot section
Despite what the Internet would have you believe, The Avengers actually opened in cinemas April 25th, all the way over here in Australia, and I was at the midnight screening. Here's my review of the movie, and if you're after juicy spoilery details, head right to the bottom of the post. Keep in mind I'm writing this at 3:30am in order to get it out to you ASAP, so apologies for any poor writing :3

If something should prevent you from reading the rest of this post, just make sure you take this in- The Avengers is faultless. That's a big claim coming from me, as I never, ever say something is perfect. My favourite films and games I find flaws with, but The Avengers was seriously the perfect film.

A big worry of mine and many others was that having such a star studded cast in one film, playing such iconic characters, would be a disaster. There'd be no character development, one character would outshine the others and it would be a mish mash of different film styles while each character takes the spotlight. This couldn't be less true. The film is a textbook example of ensemble work; the characters feed each other all the time, with no character feeling like they own the show. Iron Man and Cap butt heads, Thor genuinely shows sympathy for his brother, and Black Widow and Hawkeye show a strong bond. All the characters behave the way you'd expect them to, and the acting is spot on and believable, as you form a genuine connection with even the minor characters. Tom Hiddleston plays Loki extraordinarily, he's a much more complex villain than in his debut in Thor, and Hiddleston gives the villain a very sinister aura, making him all the more interesting.

The plotline is easy to grasp, even without seeing the previous films for the most part. Each character is introduced in a way that brilliantly highlights their character traits, and gives a rough overview of their backstory. The main heroes undergo extensive character development as the plot progresses, as they slowly morph from disconnected loose cannons to a functional unit that acts for the best of others, and not for themselves. The character I believe undergoes the most development is The Hulk, and potentially the reason no Hulk 2 is planned is because there's not much more to do with his character. Mark Ruffalo plays a great part by the way, and while it's regrettable Ed Norton didn't return, Ruffalo is a more than acceptable substitute. There's a perfect mix of action, plot and, surprisingly, humour. Yes, humour. The film is actually full of it, but not to the point where it stabds out and feels out of place. There are so many great lines and monents that had the audience laughing out loud in approval. The scope of the plot is quite astounding, it brings together Earth Marvel and Cosmic Marvel surprisingly well in one movie, keeping it basic enough for newcomers, while hinting at future events fans will pick up on. The Earth truly does feel like it's under threat from Loki and his army, who as said previously is played spectacularly by Tom Hiddleston.

One aspect of the film that probably won't be brought up much in reviews is the 3D. I'd recommend you see it on 3D, as it really does add to the experience. It's not like most movies where the 3D just makes the film look prettier, it seriously does add to it. Arrows fly by, battles tear across sprawling cityscapes, jets fly toward the SHIELD Hellicarrier in the distance (yup, the Hellicarrier appears in all its glory), it's really a sight to behold.

The rest of the world is truly in for a treat when The Avengers hits cinemas worldwide, it's not only a great superhero movie, but a great film in its own right. It managed to surpass Scott Pilgrim as my favourite film of all time, something I didn't think was possible. A definite thumbs up from me.

Now, the juicy spoilers. If you don't want to be spoiled, leave now. You have been warned.

Still here? Ok, here goes.

Loki's army are not Skrulls, nor Kree nor Draugr, they are Chitauri (probably not spelt like that). I'm not to familiar with Cosmic Marvel, so I can't really say more, sorry!

The Hull beats the shit out of Loki, in what is one of the funniest moments of the film. Loki is in the middle of a speech of how superior he is to The Hulk, and The Hulk just grabs him and slams him all over the room into submission.

Hawkeye spends about 60/70% of the film as a bad guy. Well, more specifically a mind controlled minion of Loki.

Agent Coulson is killed by Loki. Not a 'He falls off a cliff/platform and isn't seen dead and will come back later" death. He gets stabbed by Loki, and paramedics declare him dead. I almost cried, Coulson really gets some development, and his death is noble and tragic.

Mother. ****ing. Thanos. You heard me. If you're paying attention, you'll have heard Thanos is the one supplying Loki with his new power (EDIT:I actually misheard a line, one of Thanos' minions says "You would defy us? You would defy HIM?" or something to that effect, and I thought he said "You would defy Thanos? You would defy HIM?" but yeah, Thanos still supplied Loki), though he doesn't show up in the film. Until the end credits (well, mid credits) scene that is. It implies the second Avengers movie will revolve around Thanos ruling Earth in an attempt to woo Death. For those who don't see this as a big deal because they don't know who Thanos is, let's just say if all the superheroes in the world fought Thanos in a Battle Royale, they would barely stand a chance, if at all. Seriously, it has happened. The Hulk is a teacup poodle compared to him.
EDIT: One thing I heard the first time round was Pepper saying to Agent Coulson in the background while Tony is working "Now tell me about The Chalice, is that still a thing?". I figured it was some reference to something that I didn't get, but didn't think to look it up. After seeing it the second time I heard the line again and google "marvel the chalice" and found this:
So yeah, it's a powerful artefact with ties to Thanos, I'm sure it'll appear in Avengers 2 alongside The Infinity Gauntlet

End of le spoilers. And this post would you know it. Toodles!

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