Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Black Ops 2- War Never Changes

Thought I'd put some footage from past COD reveal trailers beside the Black Ops 2 reveal trailer, and what do you know, it looks almost exactly the same! At some points, it IS the same, just reskinned. Who knew it was so easy to replace humans with robots, helicopters with drones, and skidoos with horses! Of course, not all of it's the same, but it's similar enough to show that the game really isn't going to change much through a new setting.

There are a few blank spots, which are due to one of three reasons:

1. It's the sergeant guy talking, which obviously isn't going to be in a past trailer

2. The comparison footage wasn't as long as in the BO2 trailer

3. I didn't focus as much on the generic shooty bits because it's pretty obvious that's the same. In the exception I found footage that resembled it way too much I included it.

So yeah, if you enjoyed this video, PLEASE like it, because I know the COD fanbase will be on my tail disliking this like there's no tomorrow, so if you want the truth to get out, please like it!

For extra laughs, mark this off while you watch the trailer!

And now I need to brace myself for the incoming flames! :D

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