Wednesday, February 5, 2014

A New Project

There’s no better feeling than setting yourself a project and actually finding yourself dedicated to it and fulfilling it. In the past I’ve tried making mods and things for games I enjoy and usually it doesn’t progress anywhere. However, lately I’ve been having a lot of success with GTA Online’s Content Creator. I started out making a couple of fun races and deathmatches, and before too long I found myself building up quite the collection. I wasn’t getting that many plays due to not having a big subscriber base on YouTube or anything I could utilise to get people to play them and vote them up, but nonetheless I was enjoying myself, while still hoping I could get lucky and have one (or more!) of my Jobs selected to be Rockstar Verified. I made an earlier blog post (which I’ve now taken down since there’s no need for it anymore) where I posted some of my design notes on my maps in the hope that would draw some attention, to no avail. As I kept making more and more content, I jokingly said to myself “Hey, I could probably have a world map purely filled with my own custom Jobs!” But then I thought about it for a second and it didn’t sound like that bad an idea. So I set out to match Rockstar’s output of 105 races and 71 deathmatches (I only counted Rockstar-made Jobs, not Rockstar Verified ones, and didn’t include things like Vehicle Deathmatches or Last Team Standing matches because you can’t make them in the Creator as of yet).

As of the time of writing, I’ve made 52 races and 12 deathmatches- 50% the number of races and almost 25% the number of deathmatches. They’re not rush jobs either, I’ve put a lot of time and effort into these, and while some of them still need a bit of touching up based off feedback, I’m really happy with them. I’ve decided to turn this into a Big Thing™ and hopefully draw some attention to my creations so that people can try them out and up-vote them. After I’d made a fair few races, I drew out a map of all the routes taken by Rockstar’s races, and identified the places that hadn’t been used. I started making races based around these locations in order to use as much of the massive, detailed world as possible. I’ve made a few deathmatches too, set in locations not used by Rockstar yet, and aim to make many more. The world of GTA V is so rich and detailed that there’s plenty of locations to utilise that haven’t been yet. So without further ado, it is my pleasure to announce (via amateur Photoshopping)…

As I slowly but surely build up to the same amount of content Rockstar have made themselves, I’ll be keeping people updated via a Tumblr I threw together with my basic website knowledge so they can try them out, and search through all the jobs I’ve made. You can check out a more detailed explanation of what I’m trying to accomplish here, but this is the gist of it:

I’m aiming to keep a steady stream of content coming through to keep GTA Online interesting. This content aims to make full use of the world that Rockstar have made, and will hopefully bring more focus out of Los Santos to Blaine County. I also hope that this project will bring a bit of attention to all this work I’ve done, and I have my fingers crossed that I can get at least one of my Jobs to be Rockstar Verified. Posting about this online will also make sure I stay focused on the project and keep making Jobs when I have the time.

While this is a solo project (i.e. I’m only using my own personal content I’ve made myself), there’s still ways you can help out. The main way is by playing through my races and deathmatches, Liking them, and giving feedback. You can also lend a hand by spreading the word by tweeting a link to the Tumblr, or recording videos of you playing through my Jobs. I’d feel like a bit of a twat posting about this on forums or anything, but you can feel free to post it anywhere if you think the idea’s interesting.
So yeah, hopefully people will play and enjoy my maps, I’ve loved putting so much time into this but I’m really hoping that my content actually gets played so that it wasn’t for nothing. For now, you can download my jobs from my Social Club profile, and check out the Tumblr page where I’ll be posting updates about my progress.

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