Wednesday, October 3, 2012

I Admit, I've Slacked Off

So yeah, haven't posted in a while, not that anyone's a frequent reader that would notice, lulz. I've got a job writing for a games magazine (LevelUp Times, you should totally check it out when it releases ;) ) so I guess it's made me not really bother with posting stuff here. I've posted news on my Twitter pretty frequently though, so make sure you check that out too.

But I've got a voucher for some free Facebook advertising, which should last me a small amount of time and get some hits. I'll get that up and running after the EB Expo since I'll be writing quite a bit after that I imagine! If I hadn't plugged myself enough, I'll also be writing up Nintendo's showings at the event for Nintendo Nation! I even got accredited with a tip-off! Woo!

So yeah, between all this, uni and gaming (of course), I've been pretty busy and unfortunately haven't given this blog much thought. But since I'll be getting a few hits from advertising and the like, I guess it'll act as a kick up the bum to get back into the habit of posting news as quickly as possible after it's released and before some major sites ;) And make sure to check out my work in other places that I've mentioned, it'll help me get noticed (and paid, more importantly :3 ). I'm feeling quite proud of myself to be honest, I'm slowly but surely getting my name out there, and it's really helping with my confidence. Not that many months ago I'd be too afraid to try and get into the game journalism circle, but now I'm writing for magazines and websites, running my own blog and getting people I know and respect as Twitter followers! This is a really exciting time for me, can't wait to see what the future holds! :D

And that's pretty much it. Remember- in China they never grow chilli! So long!

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