Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Final Boss of PlayStation All Stars Leaked?

Update (9/11/2012): The final boss has been confirmed to be Polygon Man. Much more fitting, I believe.

It seems everything about this game has been leaked, so it was only natural that someone would discover the game's final boss, who up until now has been kept secret. GameFAQs user rumbalumba seems to be that person. Rumba has uncovered various files from several of the latest betas for PlayStation All Stars, and in the latest beta, he has discovered audio files linked to a 'Boss Arena' stage, that seem to reveal the game's boss. This is your last chance to back out from spoilers. You've been warned.

Rumba says:
"soooo it took me a while to figure out the thing because 1) i couldn't open the file with software, let alone convert it. but voila i just tried opening it with another software (after a week) and whaddayaknow it worked. and 2) i couldn't recognize the voice AND the lines from the dialogue for i never played the game.

the file is an audio file of the stage. stages have audios for its ambience. for example, Metropolis has the rain sounds, Rival Arena has that eerie sound, etc. etc. and luckily the Boss Arena also has one.

from what i have gathered, the final boss is The Negativitron (sic) from
[LittleBig Planet 2]. for starters, it could be that this guy is just a "mash-up or the giant monster" of the stage, BUT Superbot has referred to the final boss as a singular entity, AND his/its limited dialogue suggests that you need to defeat him. also, it would make sense that he doesn't have his own dialogue-only file because he's not playable anyway. no dialogue needed for picking up items or succeeding in the Trials.

now, i do not know if this will be a multi-stage boss a la Marvel vs. Capcom 2's Abyss (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OhtDoA7cjH8) because the Boss Arena music is originally 12 minutes long. the first 6 minutes is the Rival Arena music copy-pasted and the last 6 mins is the one that i put up. so take that with a grain of salt.

BUT, i took a look at Omar's EVO Q&A panel answer (for the very first question, i believe), and he talked about choosing a villain from the representative IPs and at the same time being recognizable by many, which further proved that it may very well be The Negativitron.

my thoughts on it? DISAPPOINTING."

He later on posted the audio clips on Youtube (embedding of the video is disabled unfortunately). Now, compare that video at around 1:20ish, to this voice clip of the Negativitron in LittleBig Planet 2. Now, there's a few interesting details to note before we jump to any conclusions. The first, is that the Negativitron is the stage hazard on the 'Paris' stage in the game, from Sly Cooper. The second, is that there is a 'trial' in the game (also leaked by rumbalumba) listed in the files as "feed_negativitron", and one of the voice clips of the Negativitron refers to feeding him. The third and final, is that the boss theme (again leaked by rumbalumba) sounds a LOT like Dr. Nefarious' theme from Ratchet and Clank. So I think from this we can draw a number of possible conclusions:
  1. The voice clips are just from the Negativitron as he appears in the Paris stage and the Feed the Negativitron trial, and they've been mislabelled.
  2. The Negativitron is the boss, and is also able to be 'fought' in the respective trial.
  3. The final boss is a mash up, as the stages are. One or more bosses will be fighting you at once, perhaps Dr. Nefarious is using the Negativitron to wreak havoc on the PlayStation worlds?
  4. Rumba is having us all on. A lot of the stuff he's leaked has been true, but he's also teased more characters to be revealed later on, which we know isn't the case, so this could be him trolling again because people are desperate to know the final boss.
  5. Superbot is having us all on. They know we've been going through the beta files and leaking information, so they thought 'Hey, why not chuck in a bunch of conflicting stuff and label them as boss assets to throw them off the trail?' It could be genius if the boss turns out to be none of the ones we've been suspecting.
So until the game's released, we'll have to come to our own conclusions. But when you think about it, the Negativetron makes perfect sense as the boss. It put together the whole PlayStation All Stars thing, while including some characters who don't fit that bill, like Nariko and Big Daddy, while leaving out some of the most wanted characters like Cloud and Crash. This meant that it could feed off the negative energy given off by the fanbase and it could become omnipotent!

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