Thursday, November 8, 2012

Origin Partnering with Twitch- In-Game Streaming!

In a surprise reveal today, EA have said that their Origin service is partnering up with streaming service Twitch in order to provide in-game streaming of your Origin games to your account with the upcoming beta update for Origin rolling out this week to those who have opted in.

Bringing up the Origin overlay in the middle of a game brings up the above menu, allowing you to set the options of your stream, and stream your gameplay footage and microphone input straight to your Twitch account. Interestingly, the update also adds in the ability to add non-Origin games to your Origin library, much like you can with Steam, most likely so you can take advantage of this new streaming feature. Considering that Steam doesn't offer a similar service, people could very well start to use Origin for a lot of their games so that they can easily stream their footage.

While I haven't been a huge Origin fan in the past, I'm not one of the ones who seems to think it's Satan reincarnated in program form, so I'm glad to see that EA have come up with something innovative in order to differentiate themselves from Valve's Steam platform. It'll be interesting to see how efficient this new feature is, and whether Valve try to follow suit!

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