Monday, June 4, 2012

E3 Live Blog

Even though it requires me to pull an all nighter (Aussie time zone) I'm gonna try to watch as many of the E3 conferences as I can this year. I'll be posting what's happening and my thoughts as the night goes on, so be sure to keep checking back! :D

11:34pm- set up in bed with my computer. Deciding on whether to play Amnesia, Portal 2 or Metro 2033 to pass the time and keep me awake. For reference, E3 starts 2am Sydney time.

01:34am- LittleBigPlanet Karting still looks like a reskinned Modnation Racers for the most part, but seems to have a lot more unique features. Looks like it could be good, but not entirely sold just yet

01:36am- Peter Molyneaux is a knight? Did I hear that right? Wow.

01:39am- This 'Curiosity' thing sounds kinda interesting, but I don't really get what the point is. Millions of people tap a cube to see what's inside? I dunno, maybe something awesome is in there. Or nothing, and it's a troll.

01:41am- Injustive looks really flashy, but kinda clunky. At least it might get released in Australia!

01:43am- The Flash just got thrown at the Batcomputer and broke it. Boy, Batman's gona be pissed.

01:45am- Superman, Batman, Flash, Wonderwoman, Harley Quinn and... Sauraman Gandhi? I know I didn't hear that right and I'm not a DC fan so no idea what he said XD

01:47am- Trolling the Injustice poll by voting for Captain Marvel :3 Or is he actually a DC character? Oh, and it's confirmed that there's no new Microsoft in case you still thought they would be. Apparently streaming videos to the 360 makes up for that? Um... sure EDIT: Sorry, not official there's no new console, that was speculation. They don't think there'll be a new one though

01:49am- Everyone's talking about Nintendo on Twitter :)

01:50am- Now they're talking about Nintendo Direct (details here ;) )

01:51am- Woops, format was screwed up! All good now!

01:53am- Ron Gilbert talking about The Cave. Dual project by Sega and Double Fine. Black Comedy with a talking cave. An adventure game with puzzles. Bits of platforming.

01:56am- They keep looping footage of the games they're talking about :| The Cave releases 2013, digital download only

01:58am- According to the poll more people are looking forward to Capcom's games than Activision's. As it should be.

01:59am- I love seeing American TV ads. American TV is so much better than Aussie TV

02:00am- Dammit, thought the Microsoft conference started at 2am. Starts at 2:30. Gonna be so dead at uni XD Thank god I'm presenting my assignment online, not in class. Er, personal life.

02:02am- apparently the presenters "literally won't be taking a breath for 2 days". Wat.

02:05am- Transformers Fall of Cybertron trailer. Could be good, War for Cybertron or whatever it was was supposed to be good, didn't play it though. Hard to judge a game based off a purely cinematic trailer though.

02:07am- Metroplex is one big Transformer, sheesh

02:12am- God I'm tired. They're talking about drugs now. Cool?

02:16am- Tekken Tag 2! :D Crappy hip hop music though.

02:31am- They're late! So, the Halo 4 graphics look really good so far.

02:33am- Ok, out of the cutscene they don't look that improved

02:34am- Looks like Master Chief landed on Pandora so far

02:35am- So... Master Chief's shooting some things. Cool?

02:36am- That enemy totally looked like Trace from Metroid Prime Hunters

02:37am- Yeah, nothing I didn't expect. It is an FPS after all.

02:39am- lolKinnect. Had to get that out there.

02:40am- They're showing something, not sure what it is. People are speaking another language D:

02:41am- Ah, Splinter Cell Blacklist. Microsoft drinking game, take a drink each time a game with guns is shown!

02:43am- Wow, you can just climb up walls that have essentially no hand/footholds :\ Even Splinter Cell has Kinnect features :\

02:46am- Sam didn't even attempt to stop that guy shooting himself :\

02:47am- Apparently the FIFA franchise leads innovation. Wat.

02:51am- This guy's trying to look surprised that the Kinnect commands he was 'not' told to say are working.

02:52am- Some on rails shoo-er, magic wielding game.

02:53am- Oh, it's a Fable game. Well, it has Fable in the title at least.

02:54am- "only the best games are on Xbox". Does Star Wars Kinnect count?

02:54- Gears of War *takes a drink*

02:56am- Now a racing game

02:57am- It was Forza Horizon. Because using a word instead of a number as a sequel name is innovation.

02:57am- They're searching movies with their voice. I wish it would end up like that Wild Hogs scene. "Now searching Alternative Sex"

02:59am- He's speaking to his Xbox in French. I heard the word "revolutione". Oh god, an Xbox Uprising, everyone run!

03:02am- "Do you like hockey?" *awkward silence*

03:03am- Xbox 360. Allowing you to watch your TV through your console on your TV. What.

03:06am- "Kinnect transforms entertainment... into non-entertainment"

03:08am- They're talking about athletes now. I'm watching E3 right? So there'll be games soo, right?

03:09am- My sleep deprivation combined with this presentation is making me need to burst out laughing, but I'll wake up everyone in my house.

03:12am- SOMEONE SAID GAMES!? Oh, false alarm

03:13am- Oh look, the Wii U wait nope, it's Microsoft's tablet thing. Oh hey, Robert Downey Jr. and Stephen Fry! Highlight of the presentation

03:16am- The way this tablet interacts with the game is something Wii have never seen before! Where did U come up with this idea Microsoft?

03:18am- "I don't know about you guys, but" I WANNA SEE SOME ****ING GAMES! Not Halo again.

03:19am- The conference cut out. THERE IS A GO-Oh nope, it's back.

03:22am- Footage of Uncha-Tomb Raider. Well, Tomb Raider did it firs-SHUT UP I WAS BEING FUNNY. Lara Croft looks weird now.

03:25am- Tomb Raider actually looks decent. I don't get why people think it's cool to pt bow and arrows in modern games though. Silenced weapons are much more efficient

03:26am- Lara seems clumsy and unconfident. Tom Raider Other M?

03:28am- I'm that tired that I thought they announced Small Solders 2. Instead it looks like they're showing Totally Not Dragon's Dogma/Skyrim/Dark Souls. And now it just looks like Shadow of the Colossus.

03:31am- Was that Tron? :|


03:35am- DAT EXPLOSION! This looks like a super tense game

03:36am- The indicators for the QTE's in RE6 actually look really useful


03:38am- This Kinnect game looks like one of the Eye Toy minigames, lol

03:38am- "Wait to see all the destruction I'm gonna cause", "Gotta finish strong!"

03:40am- The awkward moment when the Xbox calls you a young lad

03:41am- South Park. Eh.


03:47am- Usher's there, and he's dancing.

03:50am- "We're USHERing in a new era of entertainment" *host smiles awkwardly while no-one laughs*

03:50am- CORWADOOTY!


03:53am- The new COD doesn't play anything like the past games. Oh sorry, I was picturing a dream E3, BO2 is the same as the rest


03:57am- You're a moron if you're looking forward to Black Ops 2. I'm sorry, it had to be said.

04:00am- YOU CAN FLY A PLANE! COD IS ONCE AGAIN REDEFINING THE FPS GENRE! Oh lol, it basically flies itself anyways. God, that was the worst conference. Hopefully the next few are better, and worth pulling an all nighter for.

04:03am- 83% of the GameTrailers audience hated the conference. LOL

04:11am- The awkward moment when someone thinks Microsoft 'curbstomped' the Wii U

04:20am- Dammit host, Metro isn't meant to compete with COD >_> It's a survival horror game at heart, not an FPS!

04:23am- Out of all the Aussie game journalists I've been tweeting tonight I finally got one to respond. But in typical Aussie fashion we're all screwing around rather than having deep discussions

04:32am- Transformers Fall of Cybertron looks pretty cool. You can order Metroplex around. Wowzerz.

04:35am- CUSTOMISABLE TRANSFORMERS! It's like the first DS game. I loved that.

04:38am- Exclusive Black Ops 2 info is coming up. And not a single shit was given.

04:45am- They just said Black Ops 2 is innovative. What the ****?

04:46am- A BLUE SCOPE IS NOT NEW TECHNOLOGY. I was kidding when I said it, but they're serious

04:47am- They're talking out of their ass here. OH MY GOD YOU CAN CHANGE LANES IN THE CAR! GOTY! GOTY! Please, don't buy this game.

04:54am- I love Battlefield and hate COD, but really? Try to minimise the trash talk guys, keep it professional. Leave the hating to sleep deprived gamers with taste like me

04:57am- Nothing interesting's happening, I'm gonna take a nap until EA's conference is on. Sorry if you miss anything :3

07:54am- Woops! Slept right through EA's conference. Up just in time for Ubisoft's though.


08:09am- Oh, that was Flo Rida. lol. Ok shut up with Just Dance, bring on a real game


8:12am- FarCry 3. Don't care. Oh look, it started with a sex scene. Still don't care

08:16am- Watching Toby do nothing backstage is more interesting than Far Cry 3. I'm really just waiting to see Assassin's Creed 3, don't care about their other games.

08:22am- And now Splinter Cell again. Ughhh, please, just show Assassin's Creed :(

08:26am- The Avengers game. I wanna know if it's THQ's cancelled game that actually looked good. Wait, why is Spiderman and the X-Men here?

08:27am- That trailer showed nothing :| Wii U news though!

08:28am- Oh goody, Rayman. Man, I really don't like many Ubisoft franchises do I?

08:34am- Is this the Zombie game from Nintendo Direct?

08:37am- Looks like it could be decent

08:38am- Everyone chucks around the word innovation like nobody's business. I don't think they quite get what it means


08:41am- I think the word badass is totally overused, but in this trailer it's the only word that describes Connor. Man this loks awesome

08:44am- The way Connor moves through the trees is really fluid

08:46am- Connor is defintely a neutral party in the war. Good.

08:49am- So I take it this Blue Coat is the Templar, and is working with the British Templars

08:50am- Connor seems almost too powerful

8:59am- I'm confused, what's this Shootmania thing?

09:06am- This 'revolutionary' idea sounds like it's been done before, many times.

09:08am- Well the gameplay sounds like it could be unique

09:11am- Ok, this does look really cool

09:15am- Wow, the possibilities in CTOS are amazing, looks like a great game!


09:19am- And it's called Watch_Dogs I think. Looks awesome

I'll be back for the SOny conference, won't see all of it though because of uni WATCH DOGS. That game looks amazing! Great to see an original IP that tries something new! 10:51am- Ready for Sony's conference. Not expecting much. It's kinda sad that Ubisoft's conference is likely going to be better than two of the Big 3's conferences. David Cage's new game should be something to look forward to though.

11:00am- HERE WE GOOO!

11:04am- So we're getting a montage of games that are either already out or already revealed. Goody.

11:06am- "we have the most passionate consumers in the world". It's true, they're so passionate that they go and attack other companies' consumers at every given opportunity.

11:07am- Oh yeah, Playstation Home still exists


11:12am- Jeebuz, these graphics are insanely photorealistic

11:17am- SQUEEE! So hyped for Beyond, looks brilliant!

11:19am- Um... who's Michael?

11:20am- Oh goody, characters we've already seen! Not really pumped for Playstation All Stars, the characters really aren't interesting.

11:24am- the gameplay really doesn't seem to make sense. It's like Oh, just attack the enemies until you get a Super, then you get a super that kills everybody.

11:26am- Weren't Nathan Drake and Big Daddy already confirmed? Not that it's that big a deal, just more shooty gun characters.

11;28am- What's the point of releasing the same game on two of your own consoles, people will only buy one :|

11:33am- Sony's conference just went Oprah. Look under your chaaaaaairs!

11:34am- Sony's paid online service gives you free games and discounts. Microsoft's paid online service allows you to use your own Internet connection to do what every other modern console and PC does for free.

11:37am- Assassin's Creed on Vita with a female assassin. Ok. Oh yeah, and COD on Vita too. Don't care about that either.

11:39am- Alex Hutchinson! AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE!

11:39am- Ooh, new Assassin's Creed 3 fotage! Wow, full naval navigation!

11;41am- It does feel kinda out of place though :\

11:43am- The awkward moment when Assassin's Creed 3 is a better Pirates of the Carribean game than the official PotC games

11:44am- What the frick? Exclusive DLC you can only get by buying a new console? Did I hear that right? #E3

11:45am- Dan Hay's voice is Morgan Freeman tier.

11:47am- Dubstep really was not appropriate there, not fitting at all

11:51am- Everyone in this conference has a great voice.

11:51am- Playstation is about innovation. Riiiiight :3

11:53am- I don't get this Wonderbook thing. Is it basically a game that you need a book to play? Why not just make it a game?

11:57am- Yeah... this Wonderbook thing doesn't do it for me

11:58am- What is the point of this!?

12:00pm- Um... the 3DS already does AR stuff like this

12:05pm- Something about mobile phones

12:09am- God of War. Eh.

12:10pm- I said it about the Chimera in Dragon's Dogma and I'll say it agin about the Satyrs in God of War. GOATS ARE NOT MENACING OR THREATENING IN ANY WA.

12:15am- Look! It's the Elephant Man!

12:17pm- I thought that was crickets chirping in response to the God of War playthrough, lol

12:18pm- What game is this?

12:19pm- Oh, The Last of Us

12:22pm- The way characters respon to the action is really interesting. I wonder how much is scripted though :|

12:25pm- End of the conference. Woo! Got to see all of it. The conference was possibly on par with Ubisoft's, much better than Microsoft's. Can't wait til Nintendo's though!

01:38am- My body is ready

01:49am- Pachter says Nintendo's going to show original ideas. He only ever says things that are obvious or totally wrong, so hopefully this is the former.

02:00am- And Here. We. Go.

02:01am- Are we gonna see naked Shigsy? O_o


02:05am- The GamePad really does look nice


02:10am- Was that a Rock Pikmin!?

02:11am- I wish I had a Reggie Whistle

02:13am- Oh boy, NetFlix! Oh wait, I live in Australia

02:14am- So much info they can't even share it all! Over 20 games to be shown, with more stuff, about the console in particular, to be shown on their website

02:16am- Two GamePads :D

02:18am- We've seen Miiverse already :\

02:21am- MARIOOOO! I see Baby Yoshi on there

02:22am- Squirrel suit, awesome :D And Baby Yoshi!

02:23am- It's the Batman!

02:23am- Harley Quinn's hitting on Reggie. Her body isn't ready.

02:24am- This guy's gonna make ma an offer I can't refuse


02:29am- Holy crap, open world Scribblenauts

02:30am- Word combination and multiplayer. Holy crap. This is amazing.

02:31am- I saw a 3DS logo there, sneaky blighters

02:32am- They're getting Mass Effect, nice. AND TEKKEN TAG 2 OMG.

02:33am- Ugh, don't show Wii Fit, please.. HE SAID HIS BODY IS READY

02:36am- That guy just got controller raped

02:37am- Eh, singing game

02:38am- Looks like Singstar cross Just Dance. Two lame games.

02:41am- New Mario 3DS game looks kinda lame

02:43am- Paper Mario looks cool.

02:44am- Luigi's Mansion 2 looks good, but where are the Portrait Ghosts!?

02:48am- LEGO City Stories looks awesome!

02:49am- Gah, we've already seen the Ubisoft games D:

02:50am- Ubisoft already had a conference D:


02:54am- Ok, ZombiU could redeem them. Looks like he upgraded his scanner ding dong

02:55am- ZombiU certainly looks cool


02:59am- Wii Sports Resort is not a different franchise to Wii Sports

3:00am- Ok, this conference is getting boring now

3:11am- NO! NO MORE NINTENDOLAND! WE DON'T CARE! What the fuck was that?

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