Thursday, June 28, 2012

Mass Effect 3 DLC Details leaked

About a day ago, Bioware released the much anticipated Extended Cut DLC for Mass Effect 3, in an attempt to make up for the original disappointing endings. However, it has been discovered that hidden away in this DLC was files related to an upcoming DLC pack, including a partial script. Spoilers follow.

The DLC revolves around a rogue Reaper named Leviathan, who can be recruited as part of the cause to fight the Reaper threat. Leviathan has indoctrinated a mining facility, and is presumed to be the 'Leviathan of Dis' mentioned in Mass Effect 1's Bring Down the Sky DLC, and in Mass Effect 3 if this DLC was completed.

What effect future DLC will have on the ending, if any, is unknown. Would be sucky if you could achieve a better ending through paid DLC.
I'll go through the script later and get some more details, but it's 1:20am here and I'm in bed typing this on my phone, so it will have to wait :3

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