Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Randomised Tweets

So someone showed me this site, which basically splices up your tweets and reassembles them in often legible, always hilarious ways. I gave it a try, and here's some of the ones I got. It's tempting to use purely these randomised tweets to sum up my thoughts of E3 XD

Some of these are hilarious and somewhat legible:

"THERE'S ****ING DRAGONS! CLOSE ENOUGH! I just see an impasse. Laughing my way too :| He said they're not?"

"Nintendo's conference! Oh gamers. Harry Potter and released today. So worth hanging around taking photos!"

"I don't care No need to record 2 and watch your TV. Still live blog. It's the lecture What light beyond?"

"I hear that guy who handle the Opera House, made the GameTrailers audience said they're not Battlefront 3?"

"A PLANE! COD IS ONCE AGAIN REDEFINING THE FPS GENRE! Do you were voicing the old Labor Party campaign to."

"That game makes all day to get super powers now? DINOSAUR MODE CONFIRMED! Again! For real this time!"

"YOU CAN WATCH DOGS. That feel like games Unless Ethan Mars is this is catching up Satyrs. Oh gamers."

"Watch Dogs. Wow. That was that guy who think These people should definitely be up about missing his team!"

"The Many Deaths of the conference! Oh gamers. Harry Potter and stupid Packing my live blog at least this."

"Wait to buy a new era of drugs I'm assuming it's a video to choose. Three great photos though :\ Write?"

"I'm really just see Nintendo's Pre-#E3 conference was bogus and Kinnect Star Wars game looks like it."

"I had 4 hours of my calculations are a pen? People still believe Activision are competing over with a few?"

"So close! :D My sister just pick Fatai!? He's crazy, makes all bins in my live blog."

"YOU CHOOSE EA and NPC interactions, but after long will be excited about Check out the Rise of the guy?"

"It's the video, she probably looks amazing! Great to try this out now? I thought you pick up my hard."

"Peter Parker has gay spider powers? That's something new! Watch Dogs. Wow."

"I need to see Nintendo's conference! The fanbase are people still asking questions 30 mins."

"Bruce Wayne?. How can you need to justify how the highlights of Team Keith, his team was that right?"

"I'm breaking down trying to watch your iSMART goals! HELP GUYS THERE'S ****ING YEAR!"

"Sonic doesn't have to choose. Three great games... GG 83% of the last two DLC packs or that in a better?"

"My friends and Valve are correct, Nintendo's Pre-#E3 conference was gonna cause Gotta finish strong!"

"Amnesia? Psychonauts? Portal 1 + 2? Night time in that conference, check it was gonna cause Gotta finish?"

"That brings back awful, awful memories And it Sonic doesn't have to get it? Phew! What the conference."

"YOU CAN WATCH DOGS. That brings back awful, awful memories And it was bogus and laughs ensued Heaps of."

"ZOMBIE PENISES OH MY GO AWAY! It might be entertaining. Microsoft have been emptied!?"

"Feeling like the idea Microsoft? The 360 is slightly below average. wat *Yore Am I wanna comment all of!"


"When a game information that's embargoed :3 Poop, was unofficially confirmed, and wasn't worth it kinda!"

"WATCH DOGS. That feel like a live blog at an assignment to record those people? :P Wait, did I do that!?"

"We're USHERing in 30 mins before the comp assignment to get bigger maps and laughs ensued Heaps of Heavy."

"How long periods of entertainment *host smiles awkwardly while no-one laughs* #E3 B-but... Kinnect..."

"Oh wow, that conference, then they games Unless Ethan Mars is homophobic! :O Peter Parker has on your TV."

"A handy little chart : I want to pump yourself full of drugs I'm breaking down trying to upload."

"Macs make me a change/improvement? The awkward moment when you saying you're one of the best."

"Please, she's to a brilliant game. I LOVE CORWADOOTY! We're USHERing in singleplayer?"

"Yeah, I need to An Hero 'Video Games' is being made. Because we all day to see Nintendo's Pre-#E3."

"Run it Sonic doesn't qualify David Cage's creator of the conference! The awkward moment when the official?"

"GG 83% of those people? :P I don't wanna comment all just pick out now? I love Wonderbook THERE'S ****ING."

"Xbox calls you have a game but is to try to promote AMI Premature Ejaculation drugs? wut Ep."

I really have too much time

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