Friday, August 17, 2012

Darksiders II Review

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The much hyped sequel to THQ's cult classic Darksiders is finally here. Does it bring Death to a franchise, or sow seeds of life for its future? And will these review descriptions continue to have awful puns and rhetorical questions? Josh answers one of these questions in this review, you'll never guess which one it is.

Glitch explanation: So while I was editing this review, it turns out that boss fight 'glitch' is meant to happen, as he can't kill you, and the fight will end if your health gets too low. However, I could still lock onto him as if he were still fighting me, he was still yelling at me as if he were in the fight still, and I could no longer talk to him like I normally could until I reloaded, so I think it was still kind of glitched. I'm not 100% certain of this.

+Faster, more engaging, gameplay

+More content and things to do

+A livelier World that delves into Darksiders lore

-Some of the 'Feel' of the original has been lost

-Loot is thrown at you but feels unnecessary at times

-Feels 'fetch-questy' at times

Final Verdict

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