Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Editable Gun Rotations May Be Coming to Battlefield 3's Gun Master Mode

Daniel Matros, Global Community Manager at DICE, posted on Twitter today that DICE are looking into giving admins of Battlefield 3 server some control over the guns used in the Gun Master mode introduced with the Close Quarters DLC for the game released earlier this year. This is by no means confirmed, but I'll keep you posted.

Ziba Tower, one of the maps from Battlefield 3 Close Quarters. I don't know if they're playing Gun Master, ask them. (Source)

Gun Master is Battlefield's take on the 'Gun Game' mode first seen in Counterstrike. Players start off with a weak pistol, but every two kills they get with a weapon 'promotes' them to a new one. This continues until finally the player reaches Level 17 and must get a knife kill to win the round.

Gun Master was introduced in the Close Quarters DLC for Battlefield 3, and is included as part of its Battlefield Premium service. For my write up of Battlefield Premium, click here.

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