Monday, August 27, 2012

The World Ends With You Countdown Was an iOS Port After All (Gameplay Footage Inside)

Square Enix had a teaser site counting down to something related to their hit DS game 'The World Ends With You'. It was leaked that TWEWY would be ported to iOS, and it was assumed that this is what the reveal would be. However, the game's translator tweeted that people should wait until the countdown is actually over first. The way they worded their tweet had me cautious, it sounded more like there'd be more details on the port rather than details on something new. Unfortunately, as the countdown came to an end this morning, it turned out that this was in fact the truth. The launch trailer for the port is below. Update: Commenting on the trailer on Youtube has been disabled, I take that as Square Enix knowing people were going to be... 'disappointed' by this news, which I personally find hilarious.

The port features an 'overhauled' combat system, which is to be expected since the original's innovative system used two screens, touch controls and buttons all at once, while iOS has only one screen and not a single button. It's doubtful the uniqueness of the combat system will transfer over to the port (In this sentence: Unprofessional reporting).

Both playable characters are on the same screen this time around
The port otherwise seems to be the exact same as the DS version, aside from a few social features to take advantage of the capabilities of the iOS platform.
You can fill the minds of Shibuya's population with Tweets. Clever social satire or social gimmick? Hint: probably the latter
 The World Ends With You: Solo Remix supposedly launches 27th of August, but I'm assuming that's American time, as it's the 27th in Australia and it's not on our App Store.

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to cry myself to sleep. WHY WOULD YOU TEASE US LKE THIS SQUARE ENIX!?

Update: Youtube User touchgameplay has started uploading gameplay footage of the port:

I feel sorry for the guy, people are disliking his video because they hate the port, which has nothing to do with him. But at least we get a look at the gameplay, and I'm sorry, but it really doesn't look that great. Your partner is pretty much a glorified summon now, taking away from the uniqueness of the game's combat system. And something about the new font used in speech bubbles just looks cheap. Graphics are nicer though, so I'm sure that's worth $20, right? *sobs quietly*

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  1. The artwork is beautiful. That's somethign that made me almost want it. The visuals are gorgeous- I say this so easily since I was actually playing The World Ends with You on my DS again a week ago, and was palying through it again. Then I saw this and was like "Wow. Those look amazing."

    The updated visuals aren't worth the $20 pricetag for a game I'm already playing, but man, I hope they use this kind of art style and visuals for a sequel if ever one should be made.