Friday, August 10, 2012

Secret Games to Be Announced for EB Games Expo?

I was one of a few people who thought there were some games suspiciously missing from the games announced for the EB Games Expo a week or so ago. I thought The Last of Us and Watch Dogs may have made an appearance, but wasn't too shocked when they weren't on the list. However, I was really surprised at the total lack of Wii U games. With the console coming out before the end of the year, you'd think Nintendo would be wanting it to get as much attention as possible.

Today, as I was sitting in a uni lecture (totally paying attention!), Ubisoft Australia posted this on their Facebook page. They mention some 'surprised' that haven't been announced yet. Now assuming they're talking about games, and their games at that, there's three possibilites of what this could mean.

1. Watch Dogs will be at the expo. This wouldn't be too surprising, it was incredibly hyped at E3, and this would be a great place for a hands-on demo.

2. Ubisoft wil have Wii U games at the expo. This is the most likely option in my opinion, for reasons I've already mentioned, plus the fact that Ubisoft is one of the biggest Wii U supporters at the moment, meaning there'd be a lot of games to have on the show floor.

3. An unnanounced game. Not happening, but it's a surprise that would be yet to be announced, so there's a very, VERY slight chance they could be announcing something at the expo, or at least in between now and then.

So if Ubisoft have games that haven't been officially revealed to be on the Expo's lineup, I'd say it's a safe bet other companies could too, meaning we could still be seeing Wii U games or games like The Last of Us. Here's hoping!

Note: While I was grabbing the list of games announced so far, I noticed some of the publishers don't have any games listed at all, so I'd say it's pretty much guaranteed that there's some surprised being kept from us.

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