Tuesday, August 7, 2012

LittleBig Planet Karting Launches November 6th, Pre-Order Bonuses Announced

The Playstation Blog has updated and revealed the US release date for LittleBig Planet Karting to be Tuesday November 6th. The European blog also updated with the European release date (November 7th) and the UK/Ireland release date (November 9th). No Australian release date though :'( This news was announced alongside an Olympic-spoofing trailer, showing off the varied levels the game offers.

Also revealed were pre-order bonuses, namely a racing car driver, a mascot of developer United Front Games and even Kevin Butler! Each of these costumes also comes with an exclusive cart. Or is that 'kart'?

The pre-order exclusive costumes and [k]arts.

Interestingly though, the US site only mentioned one of the pre-order bonuses, Kevin Butler, and not the other two. It also made no mention of the Special Edition of the game that was announced on the European site.

Is the US not special enough for the Special Edition?
The Special Edition comes with a lenticular 3D cover, and other bonuses to be announced at a later date.

UPDATE: The Australian release date is confirmed as November 8th via the Playstation Australia Facebook Page.

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