Tuesday, August 7, 2012

What Do You Want to Know About Darksiders II?

So, thanks to the lovely people at THQ Australia, I'll be getting my hands on a review copy of Darksiders II later this week. While I'm under embargo on coverage until the 15th of August (Aussie time), I'll be running a Let's Play of the game, and writing/recording a review which will be going up around that time. Now that's where you guys come in!

Who, me?

Um... sure, I guess. But I want to know which features of the game you want me to go into detail about. Do you want to know what the RPG elements are like? Do you want to know about Death's acrobatic abilities? Do you want to know more about the different areas of the world?

I want to know what love is! I want you to show me!

Oh, Death *sitcom laughter* Anyways, either comment here or tweet me @Mario__Bones and let me know what you want me to focus on in my review and Let's Play. Of course, I'm aiming to have my review be as in-depth as possible, but if there's areas you want me to focus on in more detail, let me know. And for my Let's Play, let me know whether you want me to scour the world for secrets and collectibles or just stick to the main storyline.

There's all kinds of skills and weapons to unlock and use, and they can't all be obtained in one playthrough!

If I get enough questions I might even have a Q&A post here answering as many as I can, so feel free to ask me whatever you like. This will be my first big, official review, and I'm really looking forward to it! Here's some more screenshots to tide you over until the 15th ;)

Death faces off against a Scarab Hulk in the Online 'Crucible' mode

It's a little known fact that Death actually mentored Darth Vader

Death uses his mask to cheat at staring contests

The Maker's Realm was the setting of my hands-on preview of the game #SelfPlug

I love me a huge boss battle
This screenshot's filename has 'Boss Rush' in it. Interesting...

Darksiders II releases 16th of August in Australia, and on the 14th in USA, so my coverage will be out around the time of the US release if my knowledge of time zones is correct.

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